And now for something completely different

I make it hot, mothafuckas freeze up when I come through…

A) Cause even her smile looks like a frown…. But everything’s gonna be alright rockabye, rockabye. Everthing’s gonna be alright rockabye, rockabye…rockabye.

B) Mac-10, 32 shot clip in my snorkel

C) Aqua-Joy Snorkels(tm) are not to be stuffed with live ammunition. Doing so will not only compromise the integrity of said ammunition, but will also prevent efficient air passage through the snorkel column, resulting in malfunction which could cause drowning.

Answers from last year’s final quiz: Warren G – Regulate (Buy the Album!)

posted by Professor Murder and Stabmaster Arson


2 responses to “And now for something completely different

  1. its nearly sunday and no one has responded yet. whats up with that. its b….though i enjoy the shawn mullins reference.

  2. I’ll guess C. But just because I value snorkel safety…

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