“I’ve Got No Shame”

No kidding Bono. The above is the new U2 video for “Window in the Sky,” one of the new songs from U218 Singles (Buy It), another in the long line of hits collections the band has put out to bleed their fans a little dryer.

I’m not sure why exactly the video bothers me so much. It just seems pretty presumptuous of U2 to infer that all these luminaries and geniuses would be playing their mediocre music. It’s not even that they’re mediocre; they’re not. U2 is very good at what they do, but what they do is make increasingly uninteresting, inoffensive, middle-of-the-road music, of which “Window In The Sky” is a good example. And sure, Bono should be (and is) commended for his humanitarian work, especially concerning debt relief in Africa. But I’m pretty sure that clip of African children running and giving a thumbs-up is nicked from the movie The Constant Gardener. Seriously dude? From all your trips to Africa, you couldn’t use even a little bit of original footage?

But yeah, it’s shameless to use footage of the dead like this to sell a CD. And I get that it’s supposed to be a tribute. And I get that it’s U2 showing that they’re fans of all the artists in the video (if you look close, you can see them in the audience). But it’s tacky. Tacky and disrespectful.

Or am I making too much of this? I think I might be. Plus, I have the song stuck in my head now. Dammit.

PS: On a completely unrelated note, everyone should head over to Souled On and pick up Bobby Womack’s AMAZING version of James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain.” Don’t think. Just go.

posted by Adam


One response to ““I’ve Got No Shame”

  1. One, Two, Three, FOURTEEN!!

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