“The Only Game You Know Is Do Or Die”

Got a job interview tomorrow, so I thought I’d post a playlist in honor of that. This is music to make you feel like that dream job is yours. Music for driving slow with the windows down, slouched in the seat, one hand on the wheel, and the stereo cranked. Music to make you feel more suave than Samuel L. Jackson after buying a diamond-covered Kangol. And that is DAMN suave.

The Dust Brothers – Homework (Buy It) This is off the Fight Club soundtrack, which is solid background cool music.

A Band of Bees – Angryman (Buy It) A more laid-back, leisurely pace song.

Curumin – Guerreiro (Buy It) I first heard this at the all-powerful blog Aurgasm a while back. Like most music from Brazil, it’s cool and funky and make you feel warm inside.

The Coup – Get Up (feat. Dead Prez) (Buy It) More of an angry song. Warning: Listening to this one too much might make you barge into the office, throw over a couple desks and tell your boss to go f him/herself. So listen responsibly.

ESG – My Love for You (Buy It) South Bronx funk with excellent cowbell and hand-clap-able beat.

De La Soul – It’s a New Thing (Buy It) A “reworking” of The Isley Brothers’ “It’s Your Thing.” The De La crew somehow make it the best parts of 1993 and 1973 all at once.

Curtis Mayfield – Superfly (Buy It) The coolest of the cool. I dare you not to strut a little while listening to this one.

posted by Adam


4 responses to ““The Only Game You Know Is Do Or Die”

  1. I heard the Isley Brothers on the radio this afternoon, and it made me think of this fabulous playlist.

  2. PS- Hope your interview went well (I meant to say that the first time).

  3. How did your interview go? I’m going to listen to this playlist if I ever go to an interview….thanks!!!

    And I am waiting on my “3 Feet High and Rising” De La Soul CD from lala.com

  4. The interview went pretty well, and thanks for the well-wishes. Adele, ‘3 Feet High’ is one of my favorite albums of all time, and I think you’ll REALLY like it.

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