A Song Within A Song

Don’t you like it when artists reference other artists in their songs? Me too. It’s reverential, an expression of admiration, but not in a grovelling sort of way (as pictured above).

Case 1: The main character of this slinky, sexy (how can Prince be anything but?) tune, Dorothy Parker, mentions that her favorite song is Joni Mitchell’s “Help Me” off the album Court and Spark and even sings half a lyric. Pretty sure “Dorothy Parker” is the only song in history that equates a fruit cocktail to masculinity.
Prince – The Ballad of Dorothy Parker (Buy It)
Joni Mitchell – Help Me (Buy It)

Case 2: The punk fan’s favorite cover band Me First and The Gimme Gimmes throws an homage to Bad Religion’s “Generator” into Sound of Music tune “My Favorite Things” in the form of an intro. Those Austrian kids never heard it sung like this.
Me First and The Gimme Gimmes – Favorite Things (Buy It)
Bad Religion – Generator (Buy It)

Case 3: RRK kicks out the jams, no question. Dig the hilarious lyrics in the beginning. And for the record, I’m not posting The Beatles’ version of this because I don’t have it because I can’t stand it. Too many “Na-na-na-naaaa”s for one thing. This version (from The Royal Tenenbaums) is much much better.
Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Volunteered Slavery (Buy It)
The Muzato Muzika Orchestra – Hey Jude (Buy It)

Anybody got any others?

posted by Adam


4 responses to “A Song Within A Song

  1. Favorite things…haha. Nothing like a memory trip back to sophmore year, 1999. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I dig the Muzato Muzika cover… but you know I’m a Beatles enthusiast.

  3. A case in favor of references is Snow Patrol’s Hands Open….”put sufjan stevens on and we’ll play your favorite song”…not a reference to a song, but to an artist and this single reference final taught the world how to pronouce sufjan.

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