If You Like Tofu, Guess What? You’re Gay

As if healthy eaters didn’t have to contend with enough pressure from American society to give in and enjoy a Big Mac. Now, via hahamusic friend Matt, we get this article blaming soy products for making our kids gay. I recommend hopping over to Post-Haste Taste to see Matt’s very measured response, which even includes a recipe! Even though the shot at lazy hamburger eaters might be aimed at me…

Anyway, today’s song is what I would imagine soy’s response to these accusations would be. And yes, soy speaks Portuguese.
Caetano Veloso – You Don’t Know Me (Buy It)

posted by Adam


3 responses to “If You Like Tofu, Guess What? You’re Gay

  1. Tofu is awesome, I’m just saying. I’m not gay yet, though if I was, that’d be cool too, especially with NJ swinging so liberally as of late.

  2. Thanks for the link. The sarcastic example of the “lazy hamburger person” was just an example, not you- and I was not putting them down.

    Of course if you do eat hamburgers you are screwed and really the blame for all sicknesses should fall on the industrial production of cows…

  3. Haha, that’s it Matt. Show off that winning sense of humor…

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