“Would you … would you get the impression that I wanted to see it?”

Why do people keep making crappy musicals out of the things I love? First Dylan got made into this nonsense, which is worth watching just for the fact that it’ll even make getting attacked by a pack of wild (formally trained, and then escaped) attack dogs seem less painful. Now, I’m seeing subway ads for High Fidelity – The Musical (http://www.topfivebreakups.com). Seriously?

Now granted, I’m not a huge fan of musicals to begin with, but this just seems wrong. Especially after watching the video on the website called, “Desert Island Top 5 Breakups,” which includes the lyric, “Oh Laura, Laura, you’ll be missed. But sweet sweet Laura, youuuuuuu DON’T EVEN MAKE THE LIST!” Ugh.

The original novel of High Fidelity by Nick Hornby is a great book (one of my favorites in fact), and the movie, despite its flaws, is actually pretty damn good too. But a musical? It just doesn’t seem necessary to milk the material even more. And forget the edgy-cool references to the characters’ music tastes in the book (Solomon Burke, The Clash, Little Walter), or even the movie (Stereolab, Beta Band, Stiff Little Fingers), because the Broadway musical is where edgy and cool go to die.

So here’s one of Rob’s top-five “side one track ones of all time,” a song far too good to be put in something like this musical:

The Clash – Janie Jones (Buy It)

And just for everyone’s reference, this is how “Like a Rolling Stone” is supposed to sound (from Dylan’s incendiary 1966 “Royal Albert Hall” concert, with help from most of The Band):

Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone (Buy It)

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