“Everything That I Did, Different Things I Was Told, Just Ended Up Being Food for My Soul”

I really need to hit the grocery store. All that’s in my fridge right now is a yogurt, some baby carrots, two apples, a beer and strawberry jam. So I thought I’d post some songs about (or slightly related to) food, since that’s what’s on my mind at the moment:

A Tribe Called Quest – Ham n Eggs (Buy It) – Matt, you’ll especially dig this one, since it’s about eating healthy. And funk fans will like it because it samples Funkadelic’s “Nappy Dugout.”

Frank Zappa – St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast (Buy It) A little bit of absurdity from the master of absurdity.

Maceo Parker – Pass the Peas (Buy It) So damn funky.

Tom Waits – Eggs and Sausage (In a Cadillac with Susan Michaelson) (Buy It) A classic late-night diner song, back before Tom discovered the joys of noise-rock.

Amadou et Miriam – Senegal Fast Food (Buy It) Manu Chao produced this Senegalese couple’s most recent album, and sings the verses on this great song.

Goodie Mob – Soul Food (Buy It) Before Cee-lo was dressing up like Cheech and Chong with Danger Mouse in Gnarles Barkley he was 1/4 of Goodie Mob, one of the groups that put the Dirty South on the map.

Alright, time to go get creative and make a meal out of my fridge scraps. Hope you enjoy the tunes.

posted by Adam


One response to ““Everything That I Did, Different Things I Was Told, Just Ended Up Being Food for My Soul”

  1. My ex-boyfriend made me an Easter raodtrip mix, on which all of the songs are food related, though none of them are on this list.

    See also: Counting Crows’ “Hard Candy,” Bright Eyes’ “Bowl of Oranges,” The Promise Ring’s “Bread and Coffee,” among others.

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