Verses from the Abstract

When I was home recently for Thanksgiving, I found a copy of my high-school literary magazine containing the following piece (written by yours truly), and now I share it with you, as well as some pertinent songs:

Title: A Short Examinatory Essay on Abstraction

Subtitle: Or Not

One morning either yesterday, today, or tomorrow, I awoke at the quite satisfactory loudness of the BOOM! of daybreak breaking.

You see that some people think that the BOOM! is far too loud, and they get into groups at churches or other places of worship, and mumble under their breath and say nasty things about TV characters who are secretly in favor of upping the decibality of the BOOM! and how we should not do what they are telling us to do.

And of course there are people who would like to and would if the opportunity was ever arisen to augment in upwards the loudness of the BOOM! These people are of course in the minority, and as such, are harassed, and sometimes thrown into ditches, though not so much anymore what with the shortage of ditches.

I looked through my window, and saw a banana-peel on top of Mount Everest, hanging in such a way as to suggest the King of Spain. This raised some interesting questions, which I put to myself in the most diplomatic way possible, “Why is Mount Everest in my back yard? I didn’t think there was enough space previously,” and “And who would eat such a gigantic banana, and why?”

What I really expected to see when I looked through my window, was one of two things. The first was a veritable pea soup of descended cloud lying on the trees just as one would expect pea soup to lie on trees; that is, quite quickly, and with much stealth. The second thing I expected was the crows perhaps gathering in my field for one final attack on my ego. The nasty little buggers had already overtaken the id, which to be quite honest I was glad to be rid of, and had beaten the super-ego into submission.

Edgard Varese – Poeme Electronique, Part 2 (Buy Varese music)

Ornette Coleman – Eventually (Buy It)

Aphex Twin – Peek 824545301 (Buy It)

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