Pour one on the curb… probably

You may have heard of allofmp3.com. It’s a Russian-based download site not unlike itunes, but with one major difference…I can afford to use it. Not that using itunes in the past necessarily broke my bank, but here’s an example: Bob Dylan’s latest album Modern Times costs $9.90 or 99 cents per song on itunes. The same album costs $1.77, or roughly 17 cents per song on allofmp3. Sweet…sweetness….

This site is great because it allows you to buy guilt-free music in bulk, it had a bigger and better selection than itunes, rhapsody (or any other download service I’ve seen) and it’s super-easy to get addicted to. I really fell in love when I discovered the amazon.com-ish, “people who bought this, also bought this….” feature. Buying really mainstream music like The Killers or Beck, the site recommends music that I’ve never heard of. In addition to US and Canadian music charts they let you raid the charts of some major European countries and Europe in general. Those Italians listen to some crazy s@#$, and also Eric Clapton. Who knew?

But here comes the tragic part: you can still download music from the site but only if you put money onto your account before most major credit cards pulled their support earlier this fall. I’ve seriously contemplated applying for some random-ass Japanese credit card just to get back in the game, but alas I’m not in one of the 11 states that can get said card.

So what follows are a few of the songs that I got on a whim…or because they were really cheap.

Scissors Sisters – I can’t decide (Buy the album)
I hadn’t heard these guys’ name before, although I’ve heard their crazy “Comfortably Numb” cover… but I’ll leave that one for another post.

The Fratellis – Flathead (Buy the album)
I thought I had never heard of ’em, then Adam sagely pointed out that “Fratelli” was the name of the bad guys from The Goonies. I’ve had this cd looping in my car for well over a month now, it was hard to pick just one song to post here today.

R.E.M. – Pop song 89 (Buy the album)
Growing up with R.E.M. I find now that they had quite a few albums I hadn’t heard all the way through…THANKS allofmp3.com!!!!!!

Muse – Starlight (Buy the album)
Admittedly I would have bought this one in earnest since I’m a huge Muse fan, but did I mention it was really cheap?

There are legions of people out there willing to pay for music at reasonable prices. Sadly we can only hope and pray that they’ll regain credit card support… they haven’t been shut down yet but the outlook isn’t so good.

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One response to “Pour one on the curb… probably

  1. Lorddoctor! Yes for the scissor sisters and muse! and Russians! Yes!!

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