We’re Gonna Turn This Soccer-Mom Out

So I’m watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, and just saw a fairly psychedelic commercial for the Honda Odyssey (the luxurious looking mini-van pictured above) which used the classic Parliament track “Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucka).” It reminded me of a time a couple years ago when driving through rural Pennsylvania with a friend, we saw a mini-van with a full camouflage paint job. I joked that it was the only way the wife/mother in the family could get her husband to drive the kids to soccer practice. And I think the commercial is basically operating under the same principle: If you make men less insecure about driving mini-vans, everyone is happier.

This is all really just a pretext for me to post the following version of “Give Up the Funk,” from a bootleg of a 1978 P-Funk Allstars performance in Amsterdam, dubbed Afrolicious and the Electric Pussy. Dig the amazing extended intro, which, when I first heard it, prompted me to start the song over four or five times.

P-Funk Allstars – Give Up The Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucka) (Buy Parliament and Funkadelic music)
And because I’m a fan of continuity, here’s a track left off of Ghostface Killah’s newest album Fishscale (produced by MF Doom, no less):

Ghostface Killah – Charlie Brown (Buy Ghostface music)

posted by Adam


3 responses to “We’re Gonna Turn This Soccer-Mom Out

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  2. DJ Frankee Cee

    >high-energy songs I’ve heard in a long time. >Someone over at Honda’s marketing has >FANTASTIC taste in music. And a willingness to >take a chance or two

    I agree completely! Squares just wouldn’t get
    it. it’s a great song that can get even the stiffest
    crowd to move.

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