Who’s in my yard?


As a ladyist, I’m really digging the kick ass girls coming from the UK right now. They have good ‘tudes, and are a nice change from the delicate songbirds I can’t seem to avoid listening to (I’m looking at you, Jenny Lewis). These girls are not precious. These girls will kick your scrawny ass.


Let’s start with Lily Allen, since she’s about to take over the world. She’s a massive celebrity in Britain already and has just started shows in the U.S. Her single “Smile” is insanely catchy and should, at the very least, start showing up on network television shows. My favorite off of the album “All Right, Still,” (buy it) however, is the witty “Knock ‘Em Out,” which is a fantastic kiss-off song that any girl who’s had a bad night at the bar will appreciate.

Lily Allen – Knock ‘Em Out


Then there’s Lady Sovereign. She’s a 5’1” ball of spit and kinetic energy, who signed to Def Jam Records after auditioning for LA Reid and Jay-Z, making her the first non-American female signing on the label. Not bad for a 19 year old. So when she says “Fuck it. I am the best. I’ll stand by it,” in an interview, I’m not going to argue.

Plus, I’m pretty sure she could beat me up. (buy it)

Lady Sovereign – Gatheration

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  1. i like your post, charlize!

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