“Lima Beans are the Bob Dylan of Vegetables”

The above quote was part of a dream I had last night, the better part of which was a conversation in which somebody tried to convince me that I should like lima beans. I’ve been puzzling over the comparison for most of the day — probably much more than is normal or healthy — a testament to how big a dork for music I am, and also to just how boring my job is.

But really, in what way are lima beans the Bob Dylan of vegetables? That they’re both slightly overappreciated by music fans of different age groups? That they’re both kind of waxy and light green? And just how would any of this possibly convince me to like lima beans? Either way, I’m a huge fan of Dylan and not of lima beans. And no matter what argument some dream character uses to bridge that gap, I don’t think either one of those things will be changing any time soon.

Three very un-lima bean-ish songs:

Bob Dylan – Highway 61 Revisited (Buy It)

Bob Dylan – John Wesley Harding (Buy It)

Bob Dylan – High Water Rising (for Charlie Patton) (Buy It)

posted by Adam


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