“Can you hear us pumping on your stereo?”


Hey, I’m Matt and I’m the first contributor with guts to post (other than Adam, the creator).

I am a bit behind on my CD buying- about two years. I first heard the song “Kiss of Life” by Supegrass on the radio in September 2004 and knew at some point, I was going to buy Supergrass is 10: Best of 94-04 (Buy it).

Two years later the CD is in my hands, and while I’m still intrigued by “Kiss of Life,” the compilation album’s worth goes beyond the new single. “Kiss of life” is a funky, fun song with boring lyrics but certainly adds to straightforward, upbeat classics; “Alright” and “Moving.” “Richard III” and “Sun Hits the Sky” from In it for the Money are rock-driven songs with a great sound I missed on the other album I own, Life on Other Planets (Buy it). One song that the compilation fails to include from Life is “Brecon Beacons.”

Supergrass became the one upbeat group in my depressing collection of the entire Radiohead anthology, Sigur-Ros, Air, and anything else that puts you in a melancholic mood. Their sound, a form of brit-pop, became the welcome change during long car rides when I wanted to hang out with a fun British band. And that’s where “Kiss of Life” comes in. Think about it too hard and you’ll realize there is generally no creativity throughout the song, but listen to it mindlessly and you’ll be in Brit-pop heaven.

The compilation is the best place to start for those unfamiliar with Supergrass. Although the added live EP does not really add to the compilation (other than “Strange Ones” and “Moving”), Supergrass is 10 has just about all the necessities for a fun album.

Supergrass- Brecon Beacons

Supergrass- Kiss of Life

Supergrass- Richard III

posted by Matt


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