Relax kid, relax


I’ve been a little stressed lately. I love this city, but it’s not exactly easy to calm the nerves when every car’s honking, every person you’re walking behind stops suddenly to look at nothing or to count their spare change, every subway car you’re on is crammed to the brim with people shoving back and forth. And so on.

So here are some sedate songs for those moments when you’re a little overwhelmed:

Bob Marley – Time Will Tell

Los Amigos Invisibles – Playa Azul

Lester Young & The Oscar Peterson Trio – On The Sunny Side of the Street

Joni Mitchell – Chelsea Morning

Taj Mahal – Take A Giant Step

Buy Bob, Los Amigos, Lester, Joni, and Taj
posted by Adam


2 responses to “Relax kid, relax

  1. Here’s a tip to help you deal with those jam-packed subway cars. I had an abnormal psych professor who found it infinitely funny to guess whether or not people brushing into you are deriving sexual gratification from nonconsensual rubbing, it’s a disorder called Frotteurism, and in my professor’s words, “is right up there with exhibitionism as the funniest psychological disorders”.

    This music helps too, I especially liked the name, “the invisible friends”, and the song “take a giant step”.

  2. Love Bob Marley.

    In somewhat related news, The Wailers have cancelled the show on my birthday. Suck.

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