Oh hahamusic, you send me

Well hey everybody, and thanks for stopping by the brand new hahamusic. Here at hahamusic, we’re gonna do our damndest to give you what we think is interesting stuff to listen to. And maybe some stuff to look at or think about, if there’s time.

I’m going to start out with the greatest song of all time:

Aretha Franklin – You Send Me

Please don’t try to dispute me on this. You’ve got The Queen of Soul covering The King of Soul (Sam Cooke). What could be better? That’s right, nothing.

Alright, obnoxiousness aside, this is an amazing rendition of Cooke’s first secular single released under his own name (according to Wikipedia). I found this while rummaging through my parents’ music a couple years ago. My mother has an “Aretha Franklin: Queen of Soul” box set (Buy it here) and hearing “You Send Me,” I was blown away. Not that I wasn’t blown away by the rest of the songs (though her cover of “Eleanor Rigby” is kinda offputting), but this one stood out. There’s not much I can say about the song itself, other than from the gospel piano and drumstick click lead-in to the “SEND ME BABY” with the horns popping in for punctuation at the end, the goosebumps never leave my arms.

posted by Adam


6 responses to “Oh hahamusic, you send me

  1. Oh hahamusic, you have sent me indeed! SUPER HOT SEXY MUSIC YESSS!

  2. Are you kidding? Adam, you got great taste and you play it safe with this junk for this posting. Blow my mind man, what you got that is good, that didn’t already know? I realize there is no way to type non-sarcastically when I say, way to serve the people by delivering good music to us. What do you think of the new Ben Harper album?

  3. Thanks for the kind words everybody, and I’m working on a new post which should be up soon. And Ethan, I’ve only heard the single off the new Ben Harper “Better Way.” Actually, I saw the video, which is pretty cool. Is the rest of the album good?

  4. The album is good for Ben Harper. Worth listening to, don’t know if I’d by it. I think Ben Harper would have made a great 2 guy in a band except that he can sing really well. Kind of like Keith to Mick, only better voice than both. As the album title suggests, he attempts to write timely music on real issues in politics, and culture and actually gets some good tracks in. Still, its Ben Harper, which means a lot of trite lyrics and a lot of unoriginal melodies. The Wu-Tang makes me feel much better about myself by the way, and after hearing the Queen sing Sam, I don’t know about best song ever, but certainly can rock a world.

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